Storage Tips


  • Determine how much space you are really going to need. It may be better to rent a small self storage unit and pack it full rather than paying for a larger storage unit and not utilizing the space completely.
  • Use boxes that are uniform in size because they are easier to stack.
  • Leave walkways between the boxes in your storage unit so you can easily get items you want without moving any of your other belongings.
  • Fill your boxes to the top even if you have to pack them with padding. Boxes that are half full may collapse if anything is stacked on top of them.
  • Purchase a secure lock.
  • Use plywood or pallets to keep your belongings off of the floor
  • Treat your metal objects with a rust protector in order to prevent damage.
  • Humidity can cause furniture to warp and appliances to mildew. Be sure to leave a space between your stuff and the storage units wall in order for air to circulate in the storage unit.
  • Leave your refrigerator door open to prevent mold from growing inside.
  • Spray wood furniture with furniture spray before storing it in your storage unit to give it additional protection.
  • Store frequently used items at the front of your storage unit.
  • Cover your items with sheets or light blankets to keep them protected.
  • Check your storage unit at least once a month.
  • Use bubble wrap to wrap breakable items. Group smaller items together and mark the boxes.
  • Large appliances need care before being moved to the self storage facility. Defrost the refrigerator and freezer to prevent water damage.
  • Consider a climate controlled storage unit when storing candles, furniture, pictures or antiques.
  • Purchase the self storage insurance as your homeowners or renters insurance may not cover items kept in storage.


  • Don’t use printed newspaper as it can smudge your belongings.
  • Don’t use plastic to cover your belonging as it can retain moisture.
  • Don’t store any food items in your self storage unit.
  • Don’t pack your boxes so they are too heavy to carry.
  • Don’t keep anything flammable or combustible in your self storage unit such as paint, oil or gas.
  • Don’t give out your password or gate code to anyone not listed as having access to your self storage unit.
  • Don’t store vacuum cleaners with the bag in.