Storage Policy

Payments are due on the 1st of the month and late on the 5th of the month

• On the 5th a $15 late fee applies. Unit is over-locked and the gate code is disabled.
• On the 15th an additional pre-lien late fee of $25 is applied to the account
• One Month + 5 Days Late – Unit is Scheduled/Advertised for Auction and a $50 Auction Fee is applied to the account. We do not want to auction your stuff, but if you have not paid and don’t communicate with us, and we do not have current contact information on file, you have left us no choice, and we will not be discussing it with you after the fact.

In the case of a delinquent account, gate access will remain disabled until rent is current and all late fees are paid. (Example if late fees are due and you just drop your rent in the box, your code will still not work.). All access to the property must be through the gate. The property is video monitored/recorded.

We do not refund for partial month. Example if you pay on the 1st and move out on the 20th, we do not refund any portion of the remaining month. If you have prepaid beyond the current month without a special/concession/incentive, we will refund any full months that have not been applied to rent.

The Rent Drop Box is located outside of the office. Be sure to include your unit number on your check or money order. NO CASH PAYMENTS ARE ACCEPTED IN THE DROP BOX.

$35 NSF Check Fee is Applied for any Returned Checks, and late fees may also apply.

Customer Responsibility: An email address and current contact information is required to be maintained for the duration of the rental agreement. It is the customer’s responsibility to update their contact information in writing with the Property Manager. It is as easy as leaving a note in the drop box and then calling the next day to confirm that we received it.

Customers are reminded not to share their gate code. The system logs each access by gate code/unit number.

Each Customer is reminded not to leave trash on the property. Dumpster Fee applies for any material the customer wishes to throw out at the end of their lease. See the manager and discuss what you need to throw out and we will advise you of the Dumpster Fee.

Unit Contents Insurance is Mandatory. Mango Self Storage, LLC is in no way responsible for the contents of your unit. We have partnered with Safestor and believe that these are the lowest rates in the industry. You can also use your home-owners policy as appropriate. Trust us. This is Florida, and if you are taking the time to store your stuff, you should spend the $.30/day to protect it.

The Latch to your Unit has 2 openings for padlocks. Customers must use the outside opening (the one on the left), and may only lock their unit with 1 padlock. If we notice 2 padlocks we will call you and give you 24 hours notice to remove the second padlock, otherwise it will be cut-off.

Property access hours are 7AM-7PM Monday through Sunday, or with prior arrangement. Your gate code will not work outside of these hours. Property Management, and Hillsborough County Sheriff/Law Enforcement have taken the position that there is no reason to be accessing self-storageunits in the dead of night. If you have an extenuating circumstance or are a business, please speak to the Manger in advance.

These polices are designed to be fair to all customers as well as the property. Polices may change from time to time and will become in effect 30 days after posted on the website. Copies of the Policies are also posted/available in the management office.