Business Services

Mango Self Storage is committed to creating a business storage solution to meet your needs. Free up your valuable office space and empty your overflowing file cabinets and storage rooms.

We can provide you with short or long-term storage, moving and packing supplies and inventory assistance.

  • Store extra office furniture
  • Store your archived files
  • Store extra inventory

We provide special Business Storage Solutions including:

  • Extended Access
  • End-Of-Life Records Retention Service – we will store your records for the prescribed period of time and then destroy them, providing you with a bonded Record of Destruction (this is a prepaid service, options and limitations apply)
  • Concierge Service (We will pick up your records and deliver them to your unit)
  • Centralized Invoicing
  • Package Delivery Service
  • Customizable Unit
  • Gate Log Reports

Please contact us at
 to learn more about our business and commercial self storage services.